Thou shalt not kill!
Am here thinking how life is precious,


How blessed we’re to be alive today,
Am also feeling the agony of that sick person in the hospital bed,
That one person has lost everything but he or she is living by tread of hope, believing that tomorrow is brighter,
I feel the tears of that family that lost their loved one,
The prayers that almost everyone is praying today after the pandemic, that oh dear Lord protect us from all evil and death,
Then you wake up to the news that someone else stabbed a loved one over a cheating case!
Why would you kill someone daughter, someone sister, someone cousin, someone friend, why?
You may have a thousand reasons to be mad at someone but always find that one reason to walk away.
That lady deserved a break up maybe a divorce but not killing!
Life is so precious and we should not take it for granted.
Today’s lesson: When you feel angry don’t take action.

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