Mombasa’s top rated and celebrated Swahili poet Malenga Mlenga Malengo whom changed his stage name to Malenga001, has fired killer romantic words against jailed Tanzanian actor miss Lulu Elizabeth.


  Malenga001 at the age of 20 past adolescence stage has already placed his uFISI Oder for Lulu that he couldn’t hide more his undying love for the Actor since rather choose to parade it publicly.
He posted…..

“Lulu akitoka jela,nishakua star, namuoa. Indeed everything happens for a reason” Malenga001


 ”By the time Lulu is released from jail, i will already be a star. Indeed everything happens for a reason.” Malenga001

 Efforts by our correspondent King’ori to reach Malenga001 to inquire more was unfruitful and he is yet to reply our text.

Malenga001 with his Mentor001.

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 Lulu was today convicted by a Dar es Salaam High Court for a two year jail term after she was found guilty of killing her lover and fellow actor Kanumba in 2012 amidst of quarrel between them.

Extract of Taifa Leo interview with Malenga001

 Malenga001 is an aggressive Swahili poet whose poems are SPOKEN and not RECITED unlike others and he has maintained the poet position since he started back at school.
 His poems mostly gets published on Taifa Leo on Sundays, and he offers customized poems for Birthdays, Funerals, Weddings, Music Festivals, Cooperate events etc. at a fee of-course.
Follow him on his social media pages using handle #Malenga001

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