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    #JesbcrazyBlog As we all know, Change starts with me and you, i King’ori Brian by sharing this story as a reminder, in spite of everything i still believe that people are really good at heart and soon a smile will be put on this kids faces.


We are in the middle of this harmattan season, close ending of 2017 hours left to enter 2018 and King’ori am not happy because a week ago while in town from an event at around 11pm accompanied by my co-journalist and workmate Erick Mongare we happened to pass via Central Police/Makadara road and here we met with a young boy of age 10-11 years (With light body disability) who beseeched us to buy him water, this led me to ask him a couple of questions, ( Where do you come from? Him: Kongowea Where are your parents? Him: I don’t know, they left me am all alone here. Me. Where do you sleep? Him: There at the Makadara field.) i could not believe him and i answered,….. ”ama wewe ni wale mnadanganya ili kupelekea wazazi wenu pesa?” but was cut short by water Vendor who we had taken him to buy water, ”This boy is genuine, most of them have parents but with this, he is all alone here, sick with no one looking after him but depending on good Samaritan people like you, you guys are generous and God bless you”
Past, King’ori entertaining kids

We could not ask more but with the little we had we contributed and gave the water vendor some cash to buy food for the juvenile for the next two days and gave the kid 200/= and this is after we got an assurance he never is involved in any form of DRUG ABUSE, a rare situation with this street children. For that we left it to God to take control of the situation.

Past, King’ori entertaining kids
If that is not all, again coming from an event yesterday night at 12am passing the same route, 200 meters from last times place i bumped into another juvenile rolled up by himself in the cold at the entrance of AFRIACANA RESTAURANT i never woke him up because of my position of not helping at the moment.
That’s my story but my worry who will save this childless children in streets? where are this concerned street-children organizations and innitiatives? Where is the Leadership? When will this menace end? GOOD LEADERS WHERE ARE YOU?
As we celebrate new year Jump off, remember the parent-less kids in streets. SHARE!!! SHARE!!! SHARE!!! let them get a parent.
                                                            Regards King’ori Brian.

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