It might sound as an insult from Mombasa Assembly nominated youth representative Hon Aran Moses commonly known as CVILIZER,but its bitter truth about the coastal entertainment scene.

Hon Aran Moses

 Cvilizer said this targeting those who drag coastal youthful talent for selfish gains whereas coastal artists got talent and that they have the ability to stand out and profile our county through music together with those who don’t support our local talent to do so come 2018.
 CVILIZER was speaking at Swahilipot for #CoastHipHopArena 1st Anniversary event themed  #AchaGunShikaMic and had promised to contribute heavily in the next coming event.

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HipHop is a unique social niche, #CoastHipHopArena through Ohms Law Montana  bringing us together with other folks that share similar interests, today’s #AchaGunShikaMic documents the history of social and cultural changes in our society, and it is always in a state of perpetual evolution, combining new ideas with older ones to create a sound that’s unique to each generation, the next edition i will heavily contribute my input, count my support in organising, sponsoring the events and giving artists the opportunity to sell their talent overseas.’

Ohms Law Montana AND Hon Aran Moses.

   CVILIZER has since been featured in a HipHop track by Award winning HipHop artist Ohms Law Montana and Doubleosome that is soon to be officially released. 

     ”Lets join hands fellow brothers and sisters, time ya siasa iliisha, we are one haijalishi upo mrengo upi, its time with a spirit of nationalism we need to join efforts and  support this local  artists because they have the talent and only need our support to reach their heights; after all the sky is the limit.” Added Cvilizer.

The event was also graced by guest appearance from HIPHOP legendary KAA LA MOTO, and dozen electrifying performances from leading acts in mombasa, it was attended by an approximation of 400 fans who have since in an accord to support Ohms Law Montana innitiative. 
   CVILIZER for the start has already printed 50 T-Shirts labeled OHMS to support and motivate the artists to keep on producing more songs and videos.

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