When a thug plans to attack a military Camp he knows well of  the consequences he might encounter and needs to plan on how to defend himself. Could Billy respond to Kidis and Susu’s fans comments? mhhhhh lets read here….
  Days ago Billy Miya a morning show radio presenter at Baraka Fm fired shots of negative criticism of Susumila’s new HIT #Taireni that has since received and gained massive YouTube views and likes, Shares and Air plays even on his morning show.

READ ALSO….. Radio Presenter – Billy Mia… ”I would rather listen to an empty CD than listening to TAIRENI by Susumila.

   Kidis The Jembe a house hold name in the musical scene has finally opened up towards extensive bullying of Susumila’s new HIT #Taireni that received first negative comment, an inflammatory comment from Billy and Susu’s Fans could not stand either but defend Taireni.
Kidis The Jembe had this to say mentionin Billy………

”What’s Wrong With Billy Miya Handsomeboy ? You Don’t Know The Efforts Susumila Yusuf Has Made To Be Where He Is Right Now.. Support Your Own and Stop Hating Coastal Music,Yet You Guys Don’t Even Play 30% Of Our Own …. ”

Down here is the comments….

  •  Alex Vikali Nyawa Nilimskia na akaniudhi sana huyu billy miya
  • Salim Chidangu Mwero Nliona hio video, My friend Billy Mia hapo, no oooooh! !!
  • Kiyeni Kiyeni ukweli usemwe
  • Camp Mamu AND HE AINT HANDSOME AS HE CLAIMS…NKT As in its fucking pissing,when mtu ako tayari to bring you down,but doesnt even have an idea of what you went through kufika ulipo…susumila ni msee kazi yake inaonekana…naskia ameniudhi sana.aache kujificha kwa radio station atafute post kama news anchor ndio watu eajue ni nn huskia kwa radio..nkt..ashindwe..
  •  Tommy Moto Kwanza Susumila aliweza sanaa na hii ngoma yake mpya
  •  Kerry Fynne Fyre Billy miya my foot,,,he doesnt know what he is doing in the indurstry,,,,handsomeboy???i wonder where.. . Susumila up to the sky

 DISCLAIMER:  Billy confirmed he does not hold any grudge #Taireni and said he listens more to it than those complaining.

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