”Kimidzi nakihenza sana asena”

You want to experience the coastal wilderness via the clothing line? Planning for a video shoot or an adventurous trip to the Coast and clueless of what to wear on the land or rather have a feeling of the coastal Rome? Then you need to get InTouch with Ednah Dhahabu’s Fashion for Wedding, Dinner, Pre wedding outfit for Couples, Modern African outfits for male and Females.

Gospel artist Wafalme Classic and wife posing with Dhahabu.

Not all outfits have the power to command a room as soon as someone enters the room, occasion but Ednah Dhahabu a coastal fashion design (Kishutu, Dashiki, Ankara, Khanga e.t.c) is no ordinary clothing individual.  Paying homage to African culture while also appreciating contemporary the coastal fashion. Ednah crafts her clothing for millennial (Born Tao) upcountry to wear their culture with pride.

Her brand is determined to provide clothing for men and women to have an outfit for all occasions.

Each outfit is made with vivid colors and vibrancy to ensure that there is never a dull day and the clothes are affordable for those that aren’t looking to break the bank but still want a breathtaking African-style dress from her shop located in Rabai. She also does deliveries at an extra fee.

Her inspiration for the clothing line goes back to her upbringing in Kilifi, Coast. She explained, ‘’ So I grew up in Coast – Kilifi, and coast is me and i’m coast. It’s colorful, vibrant colors. This is our culture. This is what we know. This is how we dress. These prints are very much the equivalent to jeans or any other but way better. It’s an everybody’s – wearing – it type of thing’’.

Speaking to Omtiti news desk, Ednah said over the years, her loyal customer base has grown exponentially as people deeply admire the clothing all over the country with all the weekends booked for services.

“People have come back to me and said, ‘You know, I didn’t really know much about my culture and just wearing these clothes kind of gives me that connection to my roots.’’ says Ednah who didn’t even realize how important that was to a lot of people who didn’t know anything about their dressing code culture across the coast region or the words or anything like that. ”So, it’s a thing of joy and pride that i’ve been able to do that.” added Ednah

There’s a true feeling of home and belonging that comes over those who wear or get dressed by Ednah Dhahabu Fashion. Every time someone is seen in one of these gorgeous outfits, it seems there is a celebration and recollection of the power and resilience of Coastarian, African and Black culture that will never stop glowing with soul.

Ednah has dressed renown celebrities i.e Wafalme Classic & Dar Mjomba in their recent video of #TembeaNamiYesu

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