Forget about recent Blaze event, it came and went, with lots of complaints left to our coastal local artists being denied 100% showcase that followed.
  Now planned, staged event from Swahili Pot Hub, home of groomed talents is here, Pwani Got Talent, talents to watch out for in this coming season and those that have already made brands, if you never knew Mombasa has the ability to rule the whole of East Africa if only you will attend and get to know this amazing talents we got then support them to the international levels.
Some have are Tvs, Radios, they trend daily.
 This talented boys and girls (Youths/Men/Women) with a lot of ease and excellent and tactical talent prowess at the Swahili Pot they will automatically become fantastic with your support.
With few days remaining, lots of amazing talents from Rap, Singing, Acrobat, Spoken Word, Band, Drama,Fun e.t.c

Mswazi Masauti drops New hit video bang titled ”Nurulain” that even Ben Pol has credited ”Kazi Nzuri.”

  Artist E. African singer Susumila from coast has already confirmed his presence on that day with aim of supporting the talents, others are Jukwaa The Band the love of many would be there, not forgetting Hip Hop artists e.g Ohms Law Montana, #TeamMaza will be locked and represented. Grab your tickets while the stocks last.
                              ITS NOT A MISS EVENT. LOTS OF FUN WILL BE THERE.

 ”It’s 5 Days to Go for the Pwani Got Talent 2017 Concert at Swahilipot Hub.   10 contestants will be competing for 50,000 KSh on Friday, 22nd December 2017 from 6PM to 11PM.ADVANCE TICKET: 250/=, GATE TICKET: 500/= AND V.I.P TICKET: 2,000/=LIPA NA M-PESA TILL NUMBER: 784423.”

           For advertisement, Interviews, events, Birthdays etc call King’ori on     +254727600925

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