Like other forms of art, photography plays a big part in the coastal creative industry because its power to tell stories and create conversations. With help from different players in the profession, came up with a celebrated photographer DON MOSES within the coastal counties residing in Kilifi, who has dedicated his passion in not only creating memories for years to come but also tell stories through the lenses.

Don Moses love for photography can be traced from childhood when he landed on a small camera and began taking pictures. Today, every picture he posts on social media carries so many likes by his followers who fell in love with his work.

Besides being the chief executive of  himself, today Don exhibits creativity and professionalism in his craft. His works have been admired by many and this has made him wanted at different big events within the coast, local and international conferences, county & government events in Kenya. In a past event held in Kilifi County during which he took a shot that earned him the photographer of the year award in 2019.

Don’s passion and increase in clients are what led him set up Studio Bella Bella, a photography studio that specializes in capturing childhood memories, that is, newborn, pregnancy, family, baptism, birthday photograph and weddings, fashion events, corporate events but also does portraits.

For his personal projects, he is mainly concerned with road safety, urbanism, cultural activities and tourism questions. His experience has attracted the attention of many international media agencies which have been using his works in their publications.

Contact Don: 0720431842


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