Mpenda Amani Kim {famously known name} is an entrepreneur whose disability condition has caught Jomvu Constituency residents to an extend of them taking it online to condemn leaders negligence on people living with disabilities around the area.
    Hailing from the outskirts of Sameta, Mikindani in Jomvu, he has employed himself in selling groundnuts every evening despite being a professional expert in I.T.

Mpenda Amani potraying his skills with a video camera.

      He has majorly and actively participated in community activities like in arbitration, peace cohesion e.t.c
      He schooled at Mombasa Secondary School For The Physically Handicapped.
  With his condition he manages to sell groundnuts till late night that gets risky for him with his condition.
 An electorate and resident took it online and here is how the engagement went.

  ”Hello family, i’m here with a polite request that i would like you to share until the Mp Badi Twalib gives MPENDA AMANI a job position in his office, Mpenda Amani is differently abled {Physically Challenged} youth struggling to sell GROUNDNUTS from Sameta to all corners of Mikindani basically you might have come across him, the guy is an elite in Computer programs and I.T and he had tried to knock doors of opportunities without luck.You will really cry to see him struggle with the Njugu in the bucket, Mpenda Amani is such a social loving individual, you can reach out to him for any job opportunity. 

Mpenda Amani doing charity work in the community.

#MpendaAmaniForBetterJob #IstandWithMpendaAmani” Updated King’ori Brian.

Comments read as follows…….
 Nyar Benard ”Mungu yuko halali, atamkumbuka. huwa I feel for him. Ni vile tuko na selfish leaders who don’t mind pipo with disability”
 Elijah Leshan i’ve bought njugu zake almost daily,ako polite sana.enyewe mca afanye mambo.

Mercy Shaniz waooooh…..gud idea, he’s very hardworking..
Fredrico OdwaroFredrico and 5 others manage the membership and posts for MIKINDANI PEEPS. I know this boy since his days at mombasa secondary for the physically handicaped the boy is very good and has such a nice heart but him kuuza njugu must be a serious challenge.
Mutia Shadrack Anaitwa Kim (mpenda Amani) shld be considered…..
Keziah Olooh This is so true,he’s very hardworking and talented too,at least he should be considered. 
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