Sir Black Joseph Mikindani- Mombasa rising Hip-hop star has been the talk of town after a photo of him was featured on a Daily Nation Magazine newspaper protecting ward rep Hon Mumba from being attacked by a furious flaming with anger youth whose hands were seen trotting fast to land on ‘MAMA.  The youth was a member of a group of activists who were outside the county assembly where a notice of motion was filed seeking to remove Transport executive Taufiq Balala from office.
   It’s known ever that  ’Mama’ our mothers are precious gifts that we have and protecting them at all costs is just a plentiful bonus jackpot of blessings, even the bible quotes, Ephesians 6: 1-3 ‘’Enyi watoto waatiini wazazi wenu katika bwana maana hii ndiyo haki, waheshimu mama na baba yako, amri hii ndiyo amri ya kwanza yenye ahadi upate heri ukae siku nyingi katika dunia. 
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   Sir Black has long been known for his aggressiveness of over protecting the feminine creatures, little on that recording a track  titled ‘Mama’ ft Ohms Law Montana that has gained excessive airplay with all showers of praise to Mothers over the recent days.
Here goes some of the praises……

     ‘Salute brother SirBlack Joseph,no matter the situation,in any action our mothers should always be protected to the maximum..sijaona zaidi ya mama duniani” posted  Princr Charles


Julius Ceasar: Now who is this boy who wants to fight our mothers?

Z Mikwara Mikwara: Mama shilla ni simba jike hatishiki hata kuweje yeye sawa

Swits Nancy: This is very bad our mothers should be respected no matter what, though Hon Hon Sheila Mumba is very wise and intelligent……

Extract from Daily Nation  Sir Black Joseph against violence.
Alex MashaI felt bad on the other guy( name forgoten) try to urgue to the mother. It’s a shame for such youths to be used for handhouts but Hongera for Msanii Black Joseph. I remember the day he composed a song for mama.
 Sir Black took it on her social media and he had this to say. 

‘Hakuna kama mama yafaa tumhesimu mama, mama hata akakoshea namnagani yafaa apatiwe heshima na nidhamu zaidi, mama amenilea nikiwa mndogo kabla atujaenda high level kilindini, tukiwa simanzi, ingawa mama ametukoshea yaitagi ukuwe mpole kwa mama na kuwa na hutu huyu ni mama. wanatubeba miezi tisa tumboni, wanatuleta duniani, hakuna kama mama, mama ni mungu wako wa pili. ndio mana sikutaka aeze kukosewa heshima mbele yangu. hakuna kama mama”

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